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Harry and Draco


Harry and Draco Slash
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We have a love of Harry and Draco slash. We have a love of the books. We do not have a love of spoilers.

This is our safe haven from spoilers.

The rules for this comm are relatively the same as all other communities with a few exceptions. Spoilers are not going to be tolerated. Spoilers are going to be for both the movie and the upcoming book. Anyone wishing to discuss the movie after it's release need to make sure that they do it behind a cut.

First and foremost all members will be moderated until I see that they are not a random spoiler. Most of us are here for the exact same reason, to remain spoiler free. I am limiting posting access for this reason.

Any fic requests that come in will be posted when a moderator is online. I do not want to hamper any Harry/Draco time, but then again, I don't want to be tortured with a flashing spoiler.

1. Standard posting procedure for fics/art apply. The fic/art must be behind an lj-cut.

Form for fics/art:

Rating: (List here)
Warnings: (List here)

2. No flaming allowed.

3. I'm not going to say no to community pimping just yet. I reserve the right for that. Just be warned, I will do the same.

4. Use a beta. Sometimes I know you just write something real quick and want to get it out, but as a standard, use a beta. It makes it easier on those of us that read your stories.

5. If you have suggestions or comments, email me at hogwarts.lover@gmail.com. I am open to all suggestions. If you wish to help with the running of this comm, please email me!

6. Have fun and enjoy!

We now have four mods. cyn_ful, blanketass69, jean_c_pepper, and burningchaos. Feel free to message us if you have a problem.

Bio and Interests are under construction, just so we can get started.