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alrighty... i SWEAR i saved the link for this, but i cannot seem to find it at all, so i'm hoping someone can help me out.  it's been a month or two, but there was a post that someone had made for everyone to comment on about their accounts at other journal places.  kinda like a master list of everyone's journals, just in case LJ were to go under type of thing.  unfortunately, i cannot even remember which of the comms that i'm in it was posted in either.

i'm just hoping someone knows what i'm talking about, because there are quite a few people i have been searching sn for, and unless they just happen to post a link for their other journals at this LJ, it's hard to make sure it's the right name (such as SilentAuror is SilentAuror01 on GJ). 

thanks much for the help!!

EDIT: found it!  The Alternative Blog Site
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